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Organic Amaranth Flakes

Deep inhale exhale. The sun shines so that you have to close your eyes, in which colored spots from bright light already dance. You experience a feeling of warmth and comfort. Another deep breath. A new day begins, and it seems to be great. You do not need to rush anywhere, you enjoy your morning rituals. Calm music comes from the speakers, freshly brewed coffee smells in the kitchen, breakfast is already waiting on the table. With interest, you consider amaranth flakes in a plate, the texture evokes associations with a gentle creamy cream, but at the same time, the taste is difficult to compare with something already familiar. Spoon after spoon is absorbed imperceptibly, because at that moment thoughts were separated from the body, and transferred to a special place, the existence of which is known only to you. Buy amaranth flakes, and let the day be full of love and miracles!

Benefits of amaranth flakes

Squalene and Vitamins
Е, С, B3, B2
Strength and Energy
Reduces stress and improves performance
Heart protection
And the whole cardiovascular system
Complex carbohydrates
Slower glucose breakdown
Essential Amino Acids
According to the latest research - all 24
Normalizes bowel function
Helps microflora and immunity

Amaranth Morning Flakes

List of ingredients
1/2 cup amaranth flakes
1 tbsp. spoon of flax / chia seed
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 cup coconut / any other milk
3/4 cup water
honey, bananas, nuts, berries
1. Boil milk or water.
2. Place amaranth flakes, milk, water, cinnamon, and flax seeds in a bowl.
3. Wait 2 minutes, mix. If necessary, add water until the amaranth flakes get the desired consistency.
4. Add fruits, nuts, berries. Done!

Rebel tips about
How to Cook Amaranth Flakes
Add to Baking

Gives stickiness
Like a breading

To vegetables, meat
To vegetables, meat

As part of a detox program
To make it tasty

How sweet: fruits, nuts, honey
How salty: cheese, vegetables, greens
A few words about love

This story is not so much about business, but about honesty.

When you truly love, you cannot cheat. Neither yourself, nor the people whom you feed, nor those with whom you work. Therefore, the question of the quality of our products is a matter of respect for oneself, family and amaranth.
Как делают амарантовые хлопья
Active ingredient: squalene - 6.1%
E - 9.03 mg / kg; C - 3.79 mg / 100 g;
B3 - 0.91 mg / 100 g; B2 - 0.21 mg / 100 g;
Phosphorus - 286 mg / 100 g; Potassium - 278 mg / 100 g; Magnesium - 148 mg / 100g;
Calcium - 102 mg / 100 g, iron, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, sodium, copper, zinc.
Shelf life
12 months from the date of issue
Nutritional / energy value
Proteins - 10.3 g.
Fats - 4.3 g.
Carbohydrates - 69.1 g.
Fiber - 4.0%
364 kcal (1541 kJ) per 100 g
It is delicious
Quickly saturates
Just pour boiling water
Gluten free
Organic Amaranth Flakes
500 g
By the way! If you know the recipe better than this ..
Send us yours and we will give you a discount and international fame)
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